Monday, June 2, 2014

So you just went natural, part 1

Hey Kurlies,

Summer time is a great time to transition or try something new. I frequently get asked my advice on what a person should do when they first go natural. So I thought I would share my experience and some practical tips in today's blog post. 

I remember when I first went natural--- the real first time--- I had no clue what to do with my hair. For those that don't know, I wore my hair in it's natural state twice. The first time I went natural, I transitioned for 5 to 6 months. Then creamy crack, also known as a relaxer ,called my name, and I went running! I wore my hair in a short relaxed pixie cut for a month. Within that month, I realized that relaxed hair was not for me. It was like I had to get the thirst for the creamy crack out of my system for. the. last. time. Don't act like I'm the only natural to have a relapse! Anyways, once I had the relaxer on my head, I died and came back to life as a dedicated naturalista.  

No Words! Let's observe a moment of silence for those, 
like myself, who relapsed into creamy crackdom. 

After that month, I began transitioning for another 8 months. During that 8 months, I read through tons of natural hair blogs, watched videos, and asked tons of questions to other fellow naturals like my cousin and friends. I initially imagined what my hair texture would be like, and as my hair grew out, I would leave a braid or two out to experiment with and gain an idea of what my hair would really be like. After 8 months, I was ready to embrace my hair. It also helped that my then boyfriend/now husband was one of the biggest advocates for being natural.

My go to transition style 

When I took my hair out of my transition style of braids, I was ready to experiment, and I was truly ready for the positive and negative reactions that came with natural hair. I did my big chop sitting in front of my man! (Child please! No shame! Lol!) He was in shock but supported me all the way through! 

This picture is of my hair the first month after my big chop. 

The first few months were brutal, but when I truly embraced my natural hair, I couldn't imagine life any other way. So I wanted to dedicate today's blog post to providing some practical tips to someone who has recently gone natural or is rededicating their hair to the natural journey. I don't want you to relapse on the creamy crack like I did. These tips will  prepare you mentally for a natural hair journey. 

Practical Tips for the New Natural:
1. Explore your hair. Look at your curl pattern, texture, porosity, and density. Make note (literally write it down) of what products and techniques appear to work best with your hair and which ones don't. I kept a hair journal under the notes section on my i-phone. 
2. Do your research. Actually, you should do your research prior to going natural to ensure you are aware of your commitment, but you should also do more research after you have explored your hair. Begin to read up on things that cater to your specific hair type. Look at products, techniques and styles worn by other naturals that will be beneficial to your hair. I think it's beautiful to look at other fellow naturals' hair, but be cautious of yourself while doing this. Some naturals tend to develop hair envy, embracing another naturalista's hair type and becoming disappointed with their own. If you research products and similar styles/ textures that cater to your own hair type, you will be more likely to embrace your own hair as well as see the endless opportunities you have with your hair. 
3. Build a support system. When you first go natural, people can be harsh. You have some people who will love your hair, and you have others who will say things like "Now what made you go and cut your hair off!", "I like you better with straight hair", or "Natural hair ain't for everyone"  (side eye)! Naysayers will say things to make you question the reason you went natural, and that ain't cool (Yeah, I said "ain't")! Therefore, build a support system consisting of those who will advocate for your natural hair in your toughest moments. For me, those people were my hubby, family (a few family members took a while to get on board, but they got there), and some of my closest friends. 
4. Be patient. Initially, you may not be at the hair length you want, but be patient. With time and care, your hair will grow. Trust me! I thought my hair would be short forever, but I am amazed at the growth that has occurred. 
5. Have fun. There will be certain styles and techniques that you can only do with the hair length you are currently at. Therefore have fun with this time in your natural journey. 

Let me know your thoughts kurlies: What are some other tips transitioner a or newly naturals should follow? What were your experiences when you first became natural and what did you learn from them? 

Stay tuned for So you just went natural, part 2, where I will provide hair care tips for the beginning natural. 

Until next time...
Be faith-filled, fearless, and fabulous,

Kurly Ken


  1. aww friend I have tried!! Me and natural don't mix but I love reading about it and hearing other people experiences. I haven't had a relaxer since October but I feel the end is coming lol

  2. I totally understand. Whenever you are ready to go, I'll be one of your hair sources.

  3. I LOVE seeing others wear their natural texture. I think it's beautiful and gorgeous when properly taken care of. I've tried stretching my relaxers as long as I could but I wasn't happy with the coarseness of my new growth. Just thinking of dealing with a head full of my natural texture has me stressed lol.

  4. I can definitely understand that! As you see, I went natural twice. Seeing your texture for the first time can be overwhelming, but that's the beauty in it, ya know! It's your own individualized texture. I have a variety of textures in my head from fine to coarse, but I love seeing how those more coarse textures work to add more fullness and volume, which I lovvvveeee!


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