Friday, May 30, 2014

Twist and Curl Pictorial

Hey Kurlfriends,
This is a pictorial (picture tutorial) of my first time attempting a twist and curl using perm rods. My twist and curl came out shiny, moisturized, bouncy and just overall, freaking awesome! I absolutely loved this hair style, and it was super easy to maintain. 

Let's hop to it! First off, I started with dry stretched hair. Remember those medium size twist I was rocking in my recent post for Fashion Friday; I took my hair down from those to do this style. To also achieve this style, I used three products, which were my homemade moisturizing cream, aloe/water spray mix, and perm rods. 

With those three products, I completed the following steps:
1. Take a small to medium size section of hair. 
2. Spray the section with the aloe/water spray mix and begin lightly finger detangling. 
3. Apply a dime size amount of the moisturizing hair cream (or the cream of your choice) to the ends of the section of hair and then twist the section of hair.
4. Once the section is twisted, take the perm rod and begin rolling up the ends of the hair. I only rolled up an inch or so.

Twelve plus hours later, I took my hair down, and it looked like this:

Left picture: My hair immediately after perm rods were removed.
Right picture: My hair after I carefully separated the twist. 

After a little finger fluffing, my hair looked like this:
I loved the center part! It definitely made a statement! 

I took away the part on these pictures! You couldn't tell me nothing with this hairstyle!
Kurly Ken in full effect!

Now, I attempted to maintain this style for several days. 
The pictures below detail the hairstyle's progression.

The picture above is day 2 hair. By the end of this day, my hair encountered some precipitation.

The picture above depicts day 3 hair, which still had some curls, but it obviously had some shrinkage as well. I made this a fro-hawk day. 

By day 4, I surrendered and gathered my hair into a puff! I definitely think this style would have lasted longer if my hair had not gotten wet on Day 2. To maintain this style at night, I wrapped my hair up in a silk scarf, and in the morning, I would fluff and go. That's it! 

I hope this pictorial helps you in achieving this style. If you have any questions or want a video tutorial, leave them below. Happy hairstyling! 

Until next time...
Be faith-filled, fearless, and fabulous,
Kurly Ken

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