Friday, June 20, 2014

Style Post: Season of the Crop Top

Hey Kurlies,

Summer is the perfect time to rock crop tops, and I have been rocking them every chance I get. On friday, I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with some of my fabulous friends.

For my make-up, I kept it simple, and wore a neutral golden eye with a smoked out outer crease. My lip color was Retro Red by NYC Cosmetics, which I reviewed in my most recent post Red Lipsticks for Women of Color. I also kept my hair simple. To prep for this style, I blew my hair out and placed twists in it over night.  Twelve hours later, I undid my twists and pinned my hair over to the side. 

Black cut out crop top-Forever 21 years ago
Black caged shoes-gifted
Multi-chain gold necklace- store in Seattle 
 Oblong gold earrings-Forever 21 years ago

For the restaurant, we went to Zenna Thai and Japanese Restaurant; however, upon my arrival, I saw I was a bit overdressed. Luckily, my awesome friend had a pair of spare sandals in her car. I guess I need to get with the program and start carrying around a spare pair for myself.

Zenna Thai and Japanese had such delicious food, and I ordered several rounds of Philadelphia Rolls. My fave!!!! The rolls were absolutely perfect, filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado. My kind of roll! 

It was an awesome night filled with good conversation, laughter, entertainment, and delicious food.

Until next time,
Be faith-filled, fearless, fabulous,
Kurly Ken


  1. I am so excited that you featured this outfit I adored it!!! Even with the flip flops on lol


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