Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to Keeping Up with Kurly Ken

(Just me, maxing and relaxing)

Welcome! This is officially my first blog post, and I couldn't be more excited. Where to begin? Well, first, I am a newly wed. My husband and I recently got married on December 22, 2013. We met three years ago in March 2011 and instantly connected through our words, sharing our similarities, inner most weaknesses, ambitions, and dreams. Now, almost six months into our first year, I can honestly say our marriage has been an exciting journey, full of growth, and I look forward to the things life has in store for us.

(Hubby and I during our wedding ceremony)

(Hubby and I after our wedding reception)

What else can I share? Additionally, I am a doctoral student, studying School Psychology. I recently finished my third year. I still have three more years to go, but at least I am at the halfway point, right! I have so many career aspirations it's ridiculous, but you better believe I plan on accomplishing them all. Currently, I work as a teaching assistant, and I am absolutely loving it! I love sharing my knowledge with others,and I love to see people have that "AHA moment" as they make connections in their learning. 

Other random facts about me:
  • I love eating! Some of my favorite foods are pasta, sushi, and my hubby's fried chicken.
  • I love to work out, and for the most part, I try to eat healthy. I currently run several times per week, and I am a smoothie queen.
  • I am a natural hair enthusiast, and I have been so for the past three years. 
  • My husband and I do not have children as of now, but one day, we will.
  • I love to paint when I have time. 
  • I have a passion for fashion. Therefore, shopping is my weakness, and I am a thrift/vintage clothing lover.
  • In my social relationships, I am a very loyal person, but I embrace meeting new people. 
  • I am a very kind and outgoing person, who loves helping others.

Follow me as I embark on this journey called life. More to come soon...


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