Friday, November 7, 2014

My Marley Twist Installation +Top Five Reasons to Love Marley Twists

Hey Kurls hey,

I recently installed Marley twists for the first time, and I am LOVING THEM. This is a GREAT protective style. These twists are so easy to install, and I thought I would share my installation tips with you. 

On the night before I installed my Marley twist, I pre-parted my hair and placed twists all over my head. This made the hair washing process and installation process very easy for me. I highly suggest pre-parting/twisting the hair prior to the cleansing/conditioning and installation process. The next night, with my pre-parted twists, I started the hair cleansing and conditioning process.  To begin, I shampooed and conditioned my hair using the Naturally Athena Natural Hair Care Line. See how I shampoo and condition my hair with these fantastic products here. 

After, I cleansed and conditioned my hair, I commenced to blow my hair out. Blowing your hair out makes it easier to blend your natural hair with the Marley hair in my opinion. See the steps I use to blow my hair out in this recent post. The only difference in blowing my hair out was that I used Naturally Athena Goddess Curl Creme instead of the IC Fantasia Heat Protectant, which is what I normally use.

Now, for the good stuff. To install my Marley Twists, I used Blue Magic Organics Castor Oil. I used this as an additional cream to coat my hair (in addition to the Naturally Athena Goddess Curl Creme) since Marley hair tends to be on the rougher side (in regards to texture). I also used hair clips to hold the other sections back while I focused on the section I was twisting. And my comb was used to help me part my hair, which is totally optional. Some people just use their fingers to part. The choice is yours!!!

For my hair, I used the Janet Collection Afro Twist Braid Hair. It was $4.99 per pack, and I purchased four packs in the color 1B. Excitedly, I only used two packs and 6 strands of hair from the third pack. Needless to say, I have plenty left over and I will definitely re-install Marley Twist in the future.

At first, I wanted this post to be a pictorial on how I installed the Marley Twist, but I wasn't too successful at demonstrating that. However, I wanted to share my enthusiasm about Marley Twists, and I wanted to share my top five reasons Marley Twists are an awesome protective style. 

The Top Five Reason to Love Marley Twists

1. The installation process is very brief. It only took me two hours to install my whole head. At times, I missed up installing certain twists,  and I had to redo them. Regardless of my mistakes, I was still able to install my whole head in two hours! BOOM! 
2. The price for the hair was super inexpensive, and depending on the style of the twists, you don't need a lot of hair. For each twists, I only used two strands of hair. If you want thicker twists, use more. 
3. Marley Twists are fairly easy to install. I watched a few YouTube videos  that helped me learn. Here are two of the videos that helped me learn how to install Marley Twists:

Ebony Clark on YouTube

Natural Metra on YouTube

4. I can keep this style in for at least 2 weeks. That means "no hand in head" syndrome! My hair is moisturized and protected for this time period! I'm WINNING! 
5. I have tons of style options with my Marley Twists. 

It's official! I. AM. HOOKED. These will become a regular protective style for me. Let me know if you decide to try out Marley Twists. Also, let me know if you are an avid wearer of Marley Twists already. Please share your tips and products as well as any favorite YTubers, or bloggers in general, that have Marley Twist information or inspiration!
Happy Friday! 

Until next time,
Be faith-filled, fearless, and fabulous,
Kurly Ken


  1. Good job! I love Marley twists and have them in right now. I can't do them myself but good on you. I lack the coordination and dexterity to do it.

    1. Hi Kahleel,
      I completely understand! If I wasn't a penny pincher, someone else would be doing my Marley Twists! Thanks for showing love!

  2. The twists look great. I was going to try cornrows or braids on my hair tomorrow, but you made these sound so easy. I have some hair that's smoother than Marley, so I'm hoping not to have to blow dry my hair.

    1. Thank you Joan B.! I hope your hair turns out nicely.I debated skipping that whole blow drying step at first, but since it was my first time I decided I would go all out. If I had washed my hair and stretched it with some braids for a day or two prior to installing the Marley Twists, I would definitely skip the blow drying step! Thanks for stopping by:-)


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