Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Style Post: Outfit Collaboration with SHEisADollOnABudget

So I decided to do an outfit of the day blog post collaboration with my long time friend and fellow fashion blogger, SHEisaDollOnABudget. On this particular night, we headed out to the Dallas Museum of Arts (DMA) to try something different.

The DMA is open late nights every third Friday of the month and MAN... IT. WAS. PACKED!!! There was a whole lot of art, people, and street vendors! 

Here is what we wore:

If you would like to know the outfit details for my friend, please head over to SHEisADollOnABudget, where you can learn tons about her personal style, gain tons of outfit inspiration, and find links to key style pieces she has been rocking. 

Now my outfits have been pretty minimal these days. 
Outfit details:
Olive Green Muscle Tank-Forever 21
Black Midi Con Stretch Skirt-Forever 21
Wristlet- Coach

Until next time...
Be faith-filled, fearless, and fabulous,
Kurly Ken

Until next time....
Be faith-filled, fearless and fabulous,
Kurly Ken


  1. Sooooo excited about our post...stay tuned for more to come :)

  2. Oh you blogger Divas!!! Lol ha ha ha that almost looks like booger. Lmao


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